Presenter Tablet
Front Row

Presenter and Front Row Tablets are apps allowing event creators to easily and instantly generate content for live streams, reducing time and production cost when preparing for live events. Effortlessly curate & control your LIVE event with built-in capabilities to generate interactive video walls, instant live polls, interaction between viewers and presenters, and so more!
Event Controls & Moderation
Presenters can VIDEO CALL viewers and have them appear on a video wall, showcase specific products based on audience engagement, or interact with selected guests on “front row” tablets at the event to enhance the shopping experience!
presenter front row
Front Row
Enhance the VIP experience by connecting viewers with performers during concerts or with models during live shopping via one-to-one video calls overlaid on top of the 360-degree experience. Additionally, artists can snap and autograph photos, while models can share photos of personalized ensembles.