Content Creators

Admins, Presenters, VRJs, Moderators
A production has many roles, with Odience Director you create and control the entire event, from planning, to live production, to post event marketing.

Director on Odience:
Event Creation
  • Event name
  • Description
  • Date and time
  • Invitations: PNS, SMS, eMail
  • ...
Sweet! How do I get people to my event?
Set up one or many 360 cameras, allowing the user to jump from one to the other or have your own director narrating the experience.
What? A camera within a camera? Hrmmm...
Through a set of rules you refine, each feature can be system or moderator managed.
Alright, but live content is so tricky, how do you...
Video Wall
Become a VRJ and manage the event flow by inviting users to the Video Wall and integrating with interactive content. Users see themselves at the event!
Very meta! Show me more!
Front Row
Select which connected users will have a front row VIP experience.
Cool! What happens when you're in Front Row?
Stream Chat
Connected users can send messages to the moderated chat board or the live video wall.
I dig, soooo who's reading my messages?
There's too much to tell you about here...
So much you can do with different types of events.
You have to see it with your eyes!
It all comes together
Concerts, Sports, eSports, Shopping, Conferences, Collaborations.